You don’t want to spend all day doing time consuming platform cost comparisons.

WrapCompare is super quick and simple to use – giving you more time to focus on what’s important.

WrapCompare has been built by a Paraplanner (and ex-adviser) who does research and due diligence on a daily basis. So it’s designed to be quick to use and easy to navigate.

We’ve cut through the white noise to produce a tool with all of the features you need and nothing else..

WrapCompare is powered by a sophisticated maths engine. It cleverly works out the tiered platform charges every month, based on the value of the investment at that time. This makes the system realistic and accurate.

We have a host of other useful features such as a charge discount function and bespoke provider function (which allows you to build your own providers).

Providers’ varying (and often tricky) charging structures are loaded into the system for you. 

When you run a comparison, we calculate a projected value for each provider, taking into account their charges (as well as the term and projection rate). This is then displayed on the results screen.  

No more trying to compare provider illustrations (where different rounding and maths rules often apply). We apply the same maths to each provider to ensure comparisons are like for like. 

Platform cost comparisons become effortless.


Our helpful added features make your life easier. Filter out providers you don’t need (e.g. if they don’t support your CIP), build bespoke providers (if you get special terms) or apply discounts to existing providers. WrapCompare covers all bases.

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