Here are a selection of ways WrapCompare can help advisers and paraplanners...

“Ive got a client on an old platform and I'm not sure whether I should move them"

John has a client on an older platform (with legacy charging). He wants to see whether it would be cheaper to move the client to another platform. He is an IFA and needs to demonstrate that he has looked at the whole market.

WrapCompare can help with this. John can load the existing platform's charging structure onto our bespoke provider section. He can then run a platform cost comparison and compare this against the entire market. This is quick, easy and simple and he can see any cost difference at a platform level (over the whole term not just year 1) and make an informed decision as to whether to move his client.
“I need to do platform due diligence”

Sarah needs to do platform due diligence for her firm. She has gone through all of the qualitative data but she now needs to compare platform charges. She has tried to do this with spreadsheets but it's taking forever and she’s struggling to build a spreadsheet for more complex providers.

WrapCompare is the perfect tool for this! Sarah can use the WrapCompare for different scenarios. She can build an analysis for each type of client. The tool is fully customizable so she can even vary the projection rates used (or use a series of growth rates).

If Sarah is starting with a shortlist of providers based on her initial due diligence, she can use our clever filter system so she only does a cost comparison on providers which tick the right boxes.
“We have already carried out due diligence and as a firm have a panel of 3 platforms. For each client recommendation, we need to see which of the 3 providers is the cheapest”

Simon has tried to do cost comparisons with a spreadsheet but this only looks at year 1 costs so isn’t very accurate.

WrapCompare is the perfect tool for this job! Simon can use the filter feature so that his 3 chosen platforms are the only ones included in the search. He can then input his client’s investment amount, term, projection rate (and any fund costs, adviser charges) and then see which platform of the 3 is the cheapest. The search he does on WrapCompare is client specific and will show the costs in the early years as well as over the whole term. Quick, simple and robust. He can also produce a PDF report for the client and the file to evidence his research.

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