Helping you navigate the platform pricing maze

Helping you navigate the platform pricing maze
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Comparing platform costs is a HARD task! So many different charges, so many variables. How do you demonstrate that you have compared costs before recommending a platform to your clients?

WrapCompare is the tool for you – giving you a quick easy way to compare platform costs. Simply input some basic details and our clever maths engine does the rest. Throw away your spreadsheets and let us do the work for you.

Fed up with tricky spreadsheets, expensive and complex tools or inaccurate projections? WrapCompare cuts through the white noise, providing you with a beautifully simple and effective tool. It has all of the features you need and nothing you don’t.

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Quick and Easy platform cost comparisons

WrapCompare provides an  easy way for you to compare the cost of different Wraps and Platforms for your clients.  As simple as that!

Throw away your platform cost spreadsheets!  WrapCompare has got you covered.

With WrapCompare you can even build your own bespoke providers into the system – perfect for legacy platforms or unique pricing structures.



We can help. Platform Pricing varies between providers so how can you compare them like for like? Just input the details into WrapCompare and we do the rest. 


WrapCompare takes into account the myriad of platform charges – fixed fees, tiered charges, flat fees. You name it, we have it covered.

WrapCompare has been designed to be quick and easy to use, providing clarity on platform costs with minimal time and effort from you.


WrapCompare is fully customisable.Input your client’s investment amount, term and chosen projection rate for personalised results.

How does it work?

WrapCompare is a clever interactive tool that allows Financial Advisers and Paraplanners to compare the costs of different Wraps and Platforms 


For a monthly subscription we give you access to our system to run as many comparisons as you like – simple!

Input your client's details

To create your personalised wrap/platform comparison just enter the amount your client is investing (£ into each wrapper), the term, and the projection rate(s) into the system.


You can also choose to add initial and ongoing adviser charges and fund costs.

WrapCompare does the maths

WrapCompare crunches the numbers and works out the projected value for each wrap/platform based on the relevant charges and your client’s specific circumstances.

WrapCompare makes comparing the cost of wraps/platforms clear and easy, allowing you to make an informed decision for your clients.



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